Server to Cloud migration

The migration from Server/DC to Cloud is a two-step process.

Step 1

Migrate Jira data such as projects, dashboards, issues, components, releases, etc... from Server/DC to Cloud. Atlassian recommends using JCMA ( for this.

Step 2

Once the Jira data is in Cloud the app data can be migrated. To do this we recommend using export-import functionality.

There are tree main features in Subcomponents app:

  1. Subcomponents

  2. Component versions

  3. Packages

To migrate Subcomponents app data from Server/DC to Cloud repeat these steps for Subcomponents, Component versions and Packages features:

  1. Open specific feature in Jira Server/DC and click “Export”.


  2. Open the same feature in Jira Cloud. Navigate to “Import” and paste the content from an exported file:


  3. After the import, you will have the same feature state as in Jira Server/DC:


We recommend updating the Subcomponent Server/DC app to the latest version before migration.