Multi Project Picker

Why Multi Project Picker?

Atlassian JIRA is project based system which means all issues are part of some particular project. One issue belongs to one and only one project. In a real life an issue can be related to more than one project, but how then to add those relationships in JIRA? This is where Multi Project Picker add-on comes to rescue.

Creating Multi Project Picker custom field

Multi Project Picker add-on adds new JIRA issue custom Multi Project Picker field type which does the whole trick of keeping issue to projects relationships.

After installing the add-on JIRA administrator should also create new custom field of a new type and add it to required issue types and screens.

The field doesn't require any specific configuration, just make sure that Field Searcher is set to Multi Project Picker Searcher.

Linking one issue to many projects

Once you have new Multi Project Picker field configured for you project you can link issues to multiple projects.

The core Multi Project Picker add-on feature is its project selection wizard which helps to select related projects from the list. Current field values - already selected projects are highlighted to separate old  and newly selected projects.

Validating input

You can also edit projects manually by specifying comma separated project keys. Multi Project Picker field automatically validates the input and shows a warning if invalid project is added.

Viewing issue projects

In the view issue mode selected projects are displayed as complete project names.

Searching issues

You can search for isues specifying search criteria for Multi Project Picker custom field values in both simple and advanced search mode.

In the Simple Search mode you need to select the project from available projects list to get all issues from other projects which have a relation to it. The limitation is that currently you can select only one project to search issues for in Multi Project Picker field.

Advanced Search mode gives you the option to search for issues related to multiple projects and you can specify more than one project in the search criteria.

The JQL search syntax is: <field name> in (<project_1 key>, <project_2 key>, ..., <project_n key>)

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