Release Board for Jira

About Release Board add-on

Release Board for JIRA extends built-in versions release workflow to allow more complex and more realistic release life-cycle management and tracking.

When you create a new version in JIRA it's release status is "Unreleased" and the only available option it to mark it as "Released". This simplified workflow is fine, but doesn't reflect a real life release management scenarios for mid and large size projects.

That's why we created Release Board add-on to allow you:

  • track your project versions statuses on a kanban like board
  • add custom release workflow statuses to extend the existing "Unreleased" -> "Released" workflow
  • change version status on the board with drag&drop
  • see all built-in version's details on a board

Check out Release Board add-on on Atlassian Marketplace

How to install

Installing and activating add-on on JIRA Cloud

  1. Open your JIRA Cloud "Add-ons" administration page
  2. Switch to "Find new add-ons" section
  3. Find add-on by typing "agile estimate" in the "Search Marketplace" field
  4. Click "Free trial" button on the "Release Board" add-on
  5. Accept installing the add-on after reading "Data Security & Privacy" information

Admin's guide

Release Board add-on doesn't require any configuraion on a JIRA system level and can be used on projects level right after installation and activation.

User's guide

Release Board is available for any JIRA project and is available on a new "Release Board" project navigation tab.

When you open a Release Board for a project first time the default configuration is automatically created and applied. It reflects JIRA built-in versions release workflow which consists of two statuses: unreleased and released.

Version workflow statuses are displayed as columns on the release board. By default all project versions are automatically assigned to a corresponding release board columns "Unreleased" and "Released":

Configuring release statuses

Users with project administration permission can configure release board statuses by adding new and renaming defaults with "Configure" menu option.

Release board statuses (columns) are displayed in the board configuration table with some additional attributes like type and versions.

Status attributes

System release statuses like "Unreleased" and "Released" are marked with corresponding labels. Other statuses added manually during the configuration are marked with label "Custom".

Versions attribute shows the current number of versions in this release status.

Rename statuses

You can rename already added custom statuses as well as system one.

Change statuses order

You can change the order of the status on the board by drag&drop in the configuration table.

Remove status limitations

System release statuses and those with non-zero versions can't be deleted from the release board workflow.

Working with release board

Once you configured the release board with all required statuses whose statuses are shown as columns on the board.

The current number of versions in particular column is shown next to release board column name. 

You can change the release status of a version by drag&drop version from one column to another and keep overall project release status updated.

Support & questions

Please, contact us via the following support channels if you have any questions or need help with Release Board add-on.

Data Security and Privacy Statement

Please, read our Data Security and Privacy Statement for Atlassian Cloud add-ons.