Universal velocity

Why use this chart

  • Track progress of issues from saved issue filter or custom JQL query with configurable reporting period and grouping intervals.

  • Choose estimation statistics from Issue count, Time Estimate, Story Points.

How to configure






The title to describe what data are displayed on the chart.

Filter type

You can use the following data sources for issues:

  • Search filter

  • Custom JQL

Search filter

This option is available when Filter type = Search filter.

You can find saved search filters by name.

Custom JQL

This option is available when Filter type = Custom JQL.

JQL query is automatically validated and the valid JQL is required in order to save gadget configuration.

Estimation field

Available options are:

  • Story points

  • Time Estimate

  • Issue count

  • any number field available in Jira, e.g. Business value

Time unit

Available when estimation field is set to Time Estimate.

Time values can be displayed in:

  • Hours

  • Days - number of hours per day is based on Jira Time Tracking configuration.

Reporting period

The reporting period defines the date interval for the report.

Available options are:

  • This week

  • Last week

  • This month

  • Last month

  • Past 30 days

  • Past 90 days

  • Custom dates

  • Interval count

Custom dates

This option is available when Reporting period = Custom dates.

Interval count

This option is available when Reporting period = Interval count.

Grouping interval

The grouping interval defines how issue metrics are grouped.

Available options are:

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Bi-weekly

  • Monthly


Average for interval metrics can be calculated based on all visible intervals or as a moving average based on a specified number of intervals.

Available options for moving average are: 2, 3, 4, 5 intervals

Chart type

Available chart type options are:

  • Line - all sprint metrics are displayed as lines

  • Bar - all sprint metrics are displayed as lines

Value labels

Annotate all interval metrics with their number values on the chart.