Navigate Agile Reports catalog

Reports catalog is the place where you:

  • browse available report types

  • create new reports of a selected report type

  • browse saved reports

  • browse reports shared with you

How to find reports catalog

Go to Apps → Agile Reports and here you are:

Report categories

All report types are grouped into three categories:

  • Scrum - reports based on Scrum boards

  • Kanban - reports based on Kanban boards

  • Business - reports based on Search filter or custom JQL query

You can filter report types by categories using category links in the left menu of “Reports catalog“ section.

Saved reports

You can browse all reports which you created earlier or which were shared with you by your colleagues.

  • All reports - all saved reports available to you

  • My reports - reports created by you

  • Shared with me - reports shared with you

Create or edit a report

Check article for the details.