Create report

To create a new report you need to select a report type and fill in the required configuration options.

Let’s create a new “Scrum Team Velocity“ report step by step as an example.


Step 1 - select report type

Go to the Reports catalog and select the Scrum Team Velocity report type.

Step 2 - configure the report

On the Settings tab of the report page you need to fill in the required options:

  • Scrum board

  • Estimation field

The estimation field is automatically pulled from the selected Scrum board estimation settings, but you can manually change it to any other available estimation field (time estimate, issue count, etc)

Step 3 - preview report results

Click “View report“ to get the report results based on the current report settings.

You can adjust the report settings on the Settings tab of the report page.

Step 4 - save the report

To be able to access the report results with the specified settings you need to save the report.

Click “Save as“ to save the report, in “Save report“ dialog you must specify the name of the report.

You can optionally add a more detailed description and share the report with other users.

All saved reports can be found in “My reports“ section of the Reports catalog.