Benefits of the app (vs standard Jira Velocity Chart)

Jira Velocity Chart

Velocity Chart report is part of your Jira’s standard reporting. This report is automatically created for each Scrum Board, which means it’s tightly connected with a particular Scrum Board.

The report provides velocity statistics for the last 7 sprints. The number of sprints shown on the chart cannot be changed.

The report provides two metrics:

  • Commitment - the sum of story points (or any other estimation field chosen in Board settings) that had been planned before Sprint started.

  • Completed - the sum of story points of Jira issues completed during a sprint.

Jira velocity chart

Why we built the app

Typical Agile Velocity Chart gadget

We built and have been developing the app to solve the limitations of existing velocity reporting solutions, including the standard velocity chart in Jira. We like to say that we eat our own dog food because we experienced those limitations by ourselves in our day-to-day software delivery practice.

Major benefits of the app

  • Build velocity charts for individual, team, and cross-team levels.

  • Gadgets are located at a Jira dashboard, so you are not tight to a particular Scrum Board and its settings.

  • View all your velocity charts in one place, a Jira dashboard. Configure the dashboard the way you want.

  • Get more information about a sprint with additional metrics that give you a complete view of what has happened during a sprint. Now, you have better chances to explain erratic velocity.

  • Do not sit with a calculator or Excel to calculate the average velocity - choose one of the configurations for the average velocity line shown on the chart.

  • Know how a team (or team of teams) progresses towards a delivery goal - filter by release, epic, or custom JQL.

  • No matter how your Jira is set up for several teams, you would be able to build a meaningful velocity chart. Few examples of Jira setups for teams that are supported by the app:

    • Several teams at a single Scrum Board.

    • Each team has its own Scrum Board.

    • Teamwork is split across several Jira projects.

  • Get insights into the productivity of your team members.

Minor (but still important) benefits of the app

  • Choose how many sprints you want to see on a chart.

  • Choose whether to show active and future sprints.

  • Choose whether to include sub-tasks.

  • See velocity data over bigger time intervals, like months or quarters.

  • Export your data to CSV, PNG, or PDF.