Server to Cloud gadgets migration

Agile Velocity Chart operates with data stored in Jira and stores only gadget-specific configuration. Thus, the migration from Server/DC to Cloud is a two-step process.

Step 1

Migrate Jira data such as projects, dashboards, issues, users, etc... from Server/DC to Cloud. Atlassian recommends using JCMA ( for this.

Step 2

Once the Jira data is in Cloud the Agile Velocity gadget's configuration can be migrated. To do this we recommend using gadget configuration export-import functionality. Follow these steps to migrate specific gadgets from Server/DC to Cloud:

  1. Open the gadget you want to migrate in Jira Server/DC and click “Export” → “Export settings”:


  2. Create the new gadget in Jira Cloud, navigate to ”Import settings” and upload the exported file:


  3. Note, that there is validation logic that checks whether all Jira data referenced in exported configuration exists (for example on the screenshot the board with id ”417” does not exist, because after migration the board may have changed its id):



  4. To continue click ”Import” and the configuration will be imported stating that the board was not found:



  5. Hence a specific piece of data (board id in our case) was not resolved the gadget will invite to specify it:


We recommend updating the Agile Velocity Charts Server/DC app to the latest version before migration.