Component properties

since 3.2.0

Getting started with Component properties

The idea of Component properties is to enable users to add additional details to components with new component fields (properties) and then search issues by those details using the new JQL function componentProps().

Component properties are grouped into Component properties schema which then is assigned to one or several Jira projects. New component properties will be available in components of those Jira projects which are associated with the Component properties schema.

Create Component properties schema

Jira administrator can manage Component properties schemes in Jira Administration → Manage Apps → Component properties:

Property types

Properties schema should have at least one property.

The following property types are supported:

  • String

  • Long

  • Double

  • Boolean

  • Date

  • User - Jira user single select

Change properties order

The list of additional fields on the component screen is the same as their order in the property schema.

You can change the order of properties using drag&drop.

Enable/disable properties

It is possible to disable a property in the Property schema to hide the property field on the component screen using the “Enabled“ toggle.

Assign Component property schema to a project

Jira Administrator can assign Component property schema to one or several projects using Projects property on Schema screen.

Project Administrator can assign Component property schema or change schema if it was already assigned on the “Component properties“ project navigation tab.

View component properties

When Component properties schema is assigned to a project those properties are displayed in the component list together will built-in component fields.

Edit component properties

When creating new or editing existing component from Component properties project tab custom component properties are available on the “Custom“ tab.

Built-in component fields like name, description, component lead, assignee type are located on the default tab of the component dialog.

Search issues by component properties

You can search issues by component properties using the new JQL function componentProps().

componentProps() JQL

JQL function componentProps accepts the following parameters:

  1. property name

  2. property type (optional) - must be specified when there are two properties with the same name but different types are present

  3. operation

  4. property value

Property type supported operations

Property type

Supported operations

Property type

Supported operations


=, != <, >, =<, >=


=, != <, >, =<, >=


=, != <, >, =<, >=


=, != <, >, =<, >=


=, !=


=, !=