5.5.0 (May 11 2023)

Cross-team Velocity Chart:
Support Scrum-boards both types of Jira projects, company-managed and team-managed, on the one chart



Historically, Jira has two types of projects with different default estimation fields for Scrum Boards.
We received a lot of feature requests from Cross-team Chart users to add the ability to choose custom estimation fields for cases when, for example, one team uses the “Story Points” field, and all others use “Story Point Estimate”.

To address these requests, we added the ability to set the custom estimation field for the particular board in two clicks:


Other useful functions of the released feature:

  • The common Estimation field inherits the default estimation field of the first selected Scrum Board and limits the custom estimation field dropdown option to the proper type:

    • if it is a numeric field, then you can select only a numeric field

    • the same is for issue count and time tracking type

    • this function restricts accidentally adding hours and story points to avoid misinterpretation

    • to change the type of fields available to select in the custom estimation field, you need to change the common estimation field value

  • The button, which opens the custom estimation field dropdown, changes its icon color to show that the estimation field is set for the particular Scum Board.

  • Click on cross in the dropdown unsetting the custom estimation field for the particular Scum Board.

  • The chart shows units used for calculation on the chart and in sprint details.

💡Tip: Before selecting Scrum Boards to Cross-team Velocity Chart, find out what exact estimation fields are used for the estimation.